To obtain an award you have to make QSOs (on-air contacts) with the special event stations listed on this page.


  • Each OR18 station as well as OR0YAL counts as two points once you've worked this station.
  • You get one point for every band/mode combination. Modes include PHONE (SSB, FM, ...), CW and DIGITAL (PSK, FT8, ...).
  • Example: You've worked OR18UBA on 80m SSB, 80m CW and 40m SSB. This is a total of 5 points (2 points for the station + 3 for the band/mode combinations).
  • Example: You've worked OR0YAL on 20m in PSK31, on 20m in FT8 and on 40m in SSB. This is a total of 4 points (2 points for the station + 2 for the unique band/mode combinations, FT8 and PSK31 both count as DIGITAL).
  • Contacts made on the same band but in different modes do not count separately.
  • No band or mode restrictions nor any endorsements.
  • Please note that, however you're encouraged to do so, contacting Belgian stations other than OR0YAL and the OR18 clubcalls do not get you any points towards the certificate.

In total there are 4 awards to achieve:

  • Bronze: 30 points
  • Silver: 50 points
  • Gold: 70 points
  • Platinum: 110 points